You sure know the fast-rising actress who premiered a film a while ago called Bisola Badmus. This beautiful and well endowed sultry actress who, was recently announced as the face of Expo Plus magazine at an event recently organized by the magazine, sure loves her pastor, Prophet Dele Ogundipe a.k.a Genesis. This actress and the firebrand prophet, who shepherds one of the parishes of a white garment church are said to love each other platonically. Recently, the beautiful lady was sighted at the Alakuko, Agbado area of Lagos where the church, Genesis Model Parish, is located chatting with each other like newly found love. While trying to discover what could have made them so close, one of the aides of the vibrant man of God, Dele, said, there is nothing amorous going on between them “my prophet is the prayer warrior who loves all his church members equally. He shows the same affections he shows to women to men too. There is nothing going on between him and Bisola” your social media marketing partner