News of the People exclusively reported that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson was planning a wedding for August 28, 2011. But no sooner had the story hit the town than the actress in consonance with her erratic publicist went to town to debunk the story. Yet, last week, the actress confirmed that her wedding is actually coming up in August in a four-day-affair starting from August 25 and to be rounded off on August 28 as earlier reported by News of the People. Concerned readers who have been following her stories were stunned last week that what the actress had earlier debunked has turned to be her true story. A particular reader, who craved anonymity, simply described her as a confused lover who is yet to decide on either marriage or spinsterhood. For Mercy Johnson, she has perhaps bitten more than she can chew as she has once again proved to the whole world that she is a cheap liar. Now stories are flying round that, Mercy will be getting married the same date that was previously quoted by this Magazine. Shameless Mercy Johnson you may say! It would be recalled that the same Mercy had addressed a cross section of journalists last year where she had personally informed them about her marriage plans one on one. When she sensed that the marriage plans were no longer working as she thought, she quickly ran to her PR Company to quickly discredit what has been written about her. She said she didn’t have a wedding plan. That is Mercy for you. Click the link below to go to ... WEDDING: MERCY JOHNSON PICKS AUGUST DATE AND DETAILS OF THE SUPERLATIVE WEDDING your social media marketing partner