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Enugu State-born actress, Uche Ogbodo is at it again. The controversial actress who took time off to have a baby is back and smoking hot! In this chat with Entertainer, the thespian opens up on motherhood, career and her break up with her lover. Excerpts: What have you been up to lately? Hmmm…same old things. I have been working, schooling and of course, settling into motherhood. I am also trying to finish my degree programme because I dropped out of school; I am currently studying Banking & Finance. So how did you start the journey into the movie industry? I would say it was since I was born. Acting is a talent I discovered as a little girl. I realized I had that talent when I was in nursery school. Even when I got to secondary school I still loved acting and I started organizing stuffs myself. I started directing plays and dramas and I was writing scripts also. I am very passionate about acting.
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