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One of the new faces making waves in the Yoruba movie industry is Tamilore Ojo Martins. The delectable actress joined the industry after a stint in journalism. She left the pen-pushing profession when she could no longer combine acting and journalism anymore. She has not regretted leaving journalism for acting, according to what she said in a recent interview. Tamilore has even produced a blockbusting film titled ‘Alapa’. Sometimes ago, she was accused of having a romantic relationship with Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State, which she denied. In this interview, she spoke on the alleged affair and other issues. What's new about you Tamilore is doing well in the industry, God has been good to me. He added to my library, another award last month, which is a sign of progress. Right now, I'm planning a trip to the UK, Turkey and the US for vacation and also to shoot my new movie. Talk more about your trip Though I'm going to the US to relax and cool off my brain, I just decided to use the opportunity to shoot my movie there. I am going to Turkey for shopping. READ ALSO: Why Jonathan couldn’t curb corruption – Ex-registrar How about the movie It is about a lady that was used for money rituals. Any man that has anything to do with her will experience poverty, no matter how rich the person may be. The lady had to die to save her sister from also being used by the same person that used her. It is titled ‘Aida’. What prompted the storyline It is to teach men to stay faithful to their partners. They need to be very careful who they sleep with. Is it a true life story Yes, it happened in Badagry, but I don't know the man in question. He did not survive consequence. How were you able to establish your brand within few years in the industry I don't have any power of my own, it has been God from day one till now, I give Him all the glory. Can you take us through your journey into acting I joined the industry in 2007, but I left and later returned in 2010 under Laide Olobe's group. Why did you leave initially I left because I couldn't cope with my job then. What were you doing I was a journalist then with the Nigerian Tribune. Why did you leave Journalism is a time demanding job that requires full attention on its own, just like acting, I find it difficult then to combine both and when I Could not, I had to leave one for the other. Between both professions, which are you happier doing I am happy with the one I am presently doing.
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