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When the roll call of top Yoruba actresses is made, one name that may not be missing is Liz Da Silva. The actress is pretty and also the dream lady of some men. Sometimes ago, there was a controversy over the paternity of her the unborn baby. It was reported then that she tried to force the baby on popular Lagos transporter, MC Oluomo and another man. In this interview with Icon Weekly, Liz Da Silva spoke on some issues and her ‘Ankara Day’ event which comes up this weekend. You are popularly known as Liz Da Silva, What are your real names? My real names are Elizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi Da Silva How would you describe yourself? I am a cool, God fearing and honest person. How did you join the movie industry? I ventured into the industry in 2004 through Iyabo Ojo, she has been very helpful to me as a friend Who inspired you into the movie world? I got inspired into the theatre world from my secondary school days when we used to do school drama. What was the title of the first movie you featured and how was your first experience like? I can't remember the title of my first movie but I can remember that I played only one scene in it. From 2004 till now, how many movies have you featured? I have lost count. Have you produced any movie to your credit? Yes, I've produced few movies, my first movie was in 2007 titled ‘Ore L’ore Nwoto’, others include ‘Desire’, ‘Itanje’, ‘Mama Insurance’, ‘Alebu Kan’, ‘Mawo 'badan’ and ‘Tasere’, which is the most recent movie. The story is in town that you want to stage a show, could you tell us about it? The project I'm having at hand now is titled 'Ankara Day'. It is fixed for 27th December, 2014 at Time Square Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos. ‘What are the motives behind Ankara day?’ The concept behind Ankara day are to promote unity of Africans through our culture, assist the less privileged through donation made on 'Ankara day' yearly, to organize fashion pageants for developing youths positive behaviour toward our cultural costumes, to elevate and appreciate our culture through our way of life, e.g our mode of dressings, to keep our bond as actors. “The programmes for the event include choreography, stage play(pantomime), Ewi, panegyric music, fashion parade, dance troupe and musical performance. Popular actress, Toyin Aimakhu will anchor the event, while Wasiu Alabi Pasuma amongst others will entertain the guests. Could you tell us the challenges you have faced in the last 10 years in the industry? I've encountered many challenges both positive and negative which is normal in everything you do in life. If you want to be successful in life, you have to go through challenges. Did you go through a formal Theatre training? Yes, I got trained by Ray Eyiwunmi As a married actress with happy home, what advice would you give to your colleagues who do not have a stable home or who are divorced? Why are you so particular about the movie industry, divorce occurs in every profession Cut in …I'm so particular about the industry because you are celebrities and role models to the society In that aspect, my advice goes to every woman to be patient with their husband and always be prayerful. How supportive is your husband to your career? He is 100% supportive If you have the opportunity, what would you like to change about yourself? If it's possible for me to still be tall, I want height. Don't you feel threatened by some new faces coming into the industry? Why should I? I'm sure when I got into the industry ,my senior colleagues didn't feel threatened! Meanwhile, the sky is so wide for every bird to fly What's the joy of being married as an actress? The joy of being married as a woman have a happy home with my good family Could you have a joint account with your husband? I will if he will be the one putting money in the account, if not ,I can't have a joint account with him As a married actress, are you selective with movie roles? Either married or not, as an actress, you should pick some roles, but as a professional, you should be able to play every role that come your way. I can play every role as a professional but there are some roles I won't do that our culture does not permit What could make you cry? I could cry for joy, if I'm excited about some things. I'm also an emotional person. Who is your role model in the industry? My role model is Bukky Wright Some of your colleagues are delving into politics, do you see yourself doing the same in the future? No I can't do it but I'm in support of those delving into it wholeheartedly What's your background? I was born in Obalende-Lagos. After my Nursery/Primary and secondary educations, I later proceeded to LASU on Anthony campus, Lagos. What would be your reaction If you are paired with an actor with mouth odour to kiss in a romantic role? I won’t kiss him because I won't be comfortable. I will tell my director about it to tell him to mouthwash Let us be realistic now, as a married actress, If you have #1 billion offer to act nude in a movie, would you accept the tempting offer? If I confirmed the money is paid into my account, I will act nude Won't you consider your husband before you accept the offer? I'm sure my husband will be happy about it if he confirmed my account is loaded Don't you feel people would criticize you? They should keep criticizing while I keep spending the #1billion largesse from the role How do you relax if not on location? I'm always relaxing at the comfort of my home Where is your favourite place for vacation? Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, South Africa etc Have you experienced sexual harassment in the industry? I've not experienced it but its normal for a man and a woman to admire each other if they wish, and later start dating. Mention some of the movies you have featured? Omidan by Iyabo ojo, Omo Ni kara by Adewunmi Fatai, Eyin Oju Eledumare by Bayo Tijani to mention but a few What's your last word for your fans? I love and appreciate them all. All I'm asking from them is their support and prayers. I promise not to disappoint them. What's your advice to the government on the security challenges in Nigeria? They should improve drastically. The movie industry is factionalized, which of the factions do you belong? I belong to every faction that exist. Culled from: ICON Weekly Magazine. Intro by Nigeriafilms.com
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