Omotola Ekehinde-Jalade is a hard working lady who has been featured in many films, reportedly spanning through 300 features since her breakthrough in Nollywood. She has gone on to the international scene to establish herself as one of the veterans in the business of film making. In a recent chat with one of her fans on her social media page, she was commended by a delighted fan for being awake at odd hours to chat and express her opinion on some issues. While excited about the reception she received online for being awake, the elated Omosexy, as she is fondly called, referred to herself as one of the supernaturals in human folklore; a vampire. Read Omotola's reply to the fan who might have taken her (Omotola) as a mentor: Candacy Jeffrey: "@Realomosexy bae is not sleeping. Goddess is on my timeline." Omotola. j .Ekeinde: "Hahaha vampire! I wake early..." your social media marketing partner