Segun Arinze and Hakeem Rahman are undoubtedly top actors; they both serve in the outgoing exco of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), as National President and National Vice President respectively. The interesting thing about these actors is the fact no love exists between them, the genesis of which is a certain money allegedly given to the AGN by Oil and Gas Magnate,Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil. The 2 of them have continued to live like day and night for a while, avoiding to see each other one on one. The latest gist on this fight between Segun Arinze and Hakeem Raham is that their cat and mouse relationship recently degenerated into a physical confrontation during the recently held AGN Day, at the National Theatre,Ignamu ,Lagos. We learnt since their cold war started,they have not seen face to face until that fateful day. Segun Arinze,after the event, made for his silver colour SUV to leave the venue, but almost immediately,Hakeem Rahman accosted him and roughly opened the car’s door. The next thing, he started raining punches on him,asking him why he(Segun) has been sidelining him on all the monies accruing to the Guild as its National Vice President. This attracted the attention of people around,including the AGN’S Board of Trustees(BOT) Chairman,Ifeanyi Dike,state and national officers present,members of the BOT amongst others. Segun Arinze all this while didn’t fight back,saying he does not want to discuss the issue. It would be recalled that things went awry between the duo over Ifeanyi Ubah’s largesse. According to the story,Hakeem Rahman accused Segun Arinze of not giving him his own share of the money,and not including him,Segun’s Vice,among the few actors who went to Hollywood courtesy of the same Ifeanyi Ubah. These,indeed,created a lot of controversies among members of the guild. According to one of them,on condition of anonymity, the largesse was not properly shared,hence the anger among some executive members and senior actors,who were completely left out of the money. It’s quite sad,unacceptable and unethical for our President,Segun Arinze,and a few of his cronies to embark on a frivolous trip to the US,with the whole money given to the Guild.What was their rationale for selecting those who went on that jamboree? How much was kept in the AGN account? Nothing! I even gathered that they shared the remaining dollars among themselves.Is that good for the image of AGN? It’s high time these people stopped running our noble Guilld like a private estate.They keep crucifying government officials for disobeying due process,yet they are the worst culprits.How can you embark on a jamboree with the millions you used the Guild’s name to collect without following due process? Asked this insider. The Public Relations Officer(PRO) of the AGN,Mr. Abubarkar reacted to the allegation saying that the 20,000 US dollars was money donated to the Guild by Ifeanyi Ubah. According to him the money was not meant for AGN,but for those who made the trip to the US,that is where they got it all wrong.That was why the man refused to give such money to the Guild because of these kinds of wahala He further said each person had a BTA,and they were all given an equal BTA.Those who did not travel would not have part of the money just as I did not because I did not make the trip. All of these were thrown at Hakeem Rahman and he confirmed that I fought Segun Arinze because of AGN money and not just over Ifeanyi Ubah’s donation Someone very close to Hakeem,told us that the Guild is now waiting for Segun Arinze to step down,for him to properly and openly investigate him and his cabinet for allegedly misappropriating the Guild’s fund. Click the link below to go to... Ten Great Things About Dating Older Women THE CAKE OF SHAME FOR SWEDISH MINISTER OF CULTURE Whenever I refuse him my salary, he says I don’t love him your social media marketing partner