The imbroglio currently going between two Brymo, the sensation artiste and his record label seems to be rearing its ugly head to season two.

Chocolate City, as we gathered, has filed and gotten a Court injunction against Brymo to restrain him from releasing, performing or recording any song until he has fully settled his dispute with the record label.

And Brymo, as we all know, just released a new album, Merchants, Dealers & Slaves which just hit the Nigerian market. Some people believe that the song is a direct hit to Chocolate City.

The Court Injunction which was granted by The Nigerian High Court through Choc City Music’s law firm L & A legal Consultants last Monday, 21st October 2013 will render Brymo jobless until he sorts himself out with the record company.

Since the industry is fast-growing, think, the best way to settle this fight is to go back to the drawing board and settle this amicably. Dialogue is all that matters.

Remember Colossal’s Records and Soul Baba’s battle the last time, today, Emmanuel, as Soul E Baba is called has been musically incapacitated! Don’t let’s make a mountain out of a mole hill. This is just our advice from