Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke is no doubt a darling to most Nigerian female fans for playing his bad boy and lover boy roles so well.

But of late the gap tooth actor has found it difficult to tie down commanding roles given the emergence of younger leading men in Nollywood, who have forced the actor into oblivion and the actor seem desperate for fans and journalist to hear of him.

Iykes desperation came to the fore lately when he resorted to taking pictures of himself urinating by the road side and loading them on social media, a move that many a critic believe is a move to seek attention.

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At first, it seemed like a normal thing but on a second thought this writer reasoned why a celebrity and grown adult will claim that he urinated on the road because his bladder was full and about to burst. Did he not feel the urge before he left Enugu to Lagos?, agreed he can feel the urge anytime, why will you put it on social media if not to seek attention since he is no longer very active in front of the camera.

Our forgotten star seems to be getting what he wanted as fans have been talking about his infamous picture and message. A certain fan did not spare the father of one as he called him “a grown up fool”.

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Below is his message “ Road trip back to Enugu. Bladder overflowing from last night’s indulgence. Kept bidding time to make it to the gents. Finally pulled over by the road. Barely made it before a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t f%@# with nature y’all! Nothing like fresh breeze on the “TOOL” as u take care of personal biz in the wild.