What in the world was this popular DJ thinking when he hid these substances inside his pants? The shocking story of how Afube Izuchukwu Henry, an automobile parts dealer and Chijioke Chukwuemeka Raphael, a factory worker in Dubai, were caught at the Lagos airport with a huge amount of Tramadol is a sad story that would serve as a lesson to other youths in Nigeria.

They were arrested during pre-shipment inspection, where 28 packs of Tramadol weighing 21.99kg were found inside a DJ Rack box that was with Afube and 1.8kg of cocaine was  also found inside Chijioke’s pants.

The consignment was expected to get to Congo Brazzaville.  During the normal confession of the culprits, Chijioke confessed that he was going to get N450,000 if he could smuggle the drug.