One of the reasons why Nollywood  actress Empress Njamah could post some jaw dropping throwback photos of her former self and Rukky Sanda may be to put Rukky under fire.


It looks like the two are not seeing eye to eye lately that Empress has decided to shame Rukky. The talk of bleaching is not something that fans take lightly and it looks like Empress wants Rukky to be roasted alive.

If this was the reason, then it is mission accomplished. Well, this throwback picture has spoken  a thousand words. Rukky has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery and bleaching but she has denied these rumours. She once told us that she has always been a naturally light-skinned and she also loves visiting spa as a  beauty regimen.

“I am naturally light-skinned so my beauty regimen involves maintaining my skin tone and complexion. I am confident in my own skin and body.”  she said. She then added, “I definitely do not need any artificial enhancement of any sort to keep up with any societal expectations. My beauty and skin routine is pretty straightforward; I use a lot of scrub and visit the spa whenever I find the time to”

However, take a look at these pictures and make your conclusion.