The name Tunde Osinibosi might not ring a bell to some people, but Laface, many will nod their heads in familiarity with it and many of his works which has to do with  showbiz industry in Africa at large.

Laface like many other entertainment mogul has not had it rosy building his name to become a strong brand to reckon with as he has also gone through lots of challenges in the industry but one of many that will linger in his heart for long how Yeni Kuti treated him.

Good at what he does especially staging the annual prestigious Yoruba Movie Academy Awards, (YMAA), Laface was the pioneer of the popular Afro-beat celebration ‘Felebration’ at the African Shrine.

But today, he has been kicked out by daughter of the late Afro-beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Yeni Kuti, all because of what he describes as greed.

Keeping silent for long about the whole issue, he decided to speak up by explaining that Yeni wanted to give a lawyer cousin of theirs 350k for not doing anything while trying to stage the event and he kicked against it and that gave birth to their fallout.

While revealing the truth about their rift of Felabration, he said, “I must say I appreciate the fact that this question will never go away. It actually means that a lot of people are concerned about the truth, no matter the propaganda and lies peddled about. When a man goes over board to propagate the life of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti as such turning a dream into reality, it calls for a standing ovation. The wahala was caused by simple greed on the path of Yeni in particular. A lawyer cousin of theirs wanted to get paid 350k for not doing anything and I personally kicked vehemently against it.

“It is on record that I coined and created the name Felabration and I went round begging artistes,friends,media stationsetc to support the project for free. It is also on record that for the first time, AIT promoted an event for six months and Yeni failed to honour their percentage of the agreement. This was to me not honourable. I believe your word should always be your bond, the most important fact is that the true history of Felabration cannot be written without the name of the original originator, Laface being mentioned again and again. Believe me, it is also on record that I begged and convinced Seun Kuti in his magnanimity to be a part of Felabration. The Felabration brouhaha also divided the Nigerian press for over six months for record purposes.”