If there is one article of make up that is greatly abused, it is the eyeliner. Most ladies make a caricature of themselves by the misapplication of this very important art implement.

Because, that is what makeup should be, a form of fine art, whereby through subtle manipulation, a person is transformed to a pleasing visage.

But, alas! What we see leaves very much to be desired. Here is hoping, this little contribution would make a difference.
Eyeliners when properly used give you a quick glamorous look.

There are different types of eyeliner:
Ø pencil eyeliner
Ø liquid eyeliner
Ø cake eyeliner
But the real glamour comes when you use coloured eyeliners blue, green, purple, silver, gold, indigo, glitters and as many colour you can lay your hand on. The effect is unbelievable transformation.

Now the problem we have in Nigeria is abuse of this look, proper application is vital else you would lose the glamorous effect you are after.

Note the quote “less is more” that is rule of this game, if you choose to use blue liquid eyeliner on your lids then cool it with black pencil on the lower lids.

Never use contrasting sharp colours on the upper and lower lids at the same time.Black is the acceptable colour, an all rounder. It can be used to complement any other colour.

Learn to draw slim lines first, you can layer and thicken till you get your desired size. It is very difficult to correct a mistake, so its better to be safe than sorry especially when using liquid and cake liner.

Glittery liquid eyeliners are divine when going out at night but are not appropriate for a day look to work.
Now that you have glamour at the tips of your pencil, maximize it but don’t overdo it .
If looking good is a crime them am your partner in crime