If you need a proper definition of the perfect Christmas then this is the movie for you. A Naija Christmas is bliss from the beginning to the end.

If you need a proper definition of the perfect Christmas then this is the movie for you. A Naija Christmas is bliss from the beginning to the end.

A Naija Christmas focuses on a mother, Madam Agatha with three soon, Ugo, Obi and Chike. In a bid to ensure they get married on time, she tells them that the first person to get married will inherit the house and the ball is set rolling. The movie centres its theme on love, family, and relationship. Firstly, we must give to the cinematography and photography; everything was clean from the beginning to the end.

There was a seamless flow from one scene to another and at no point did the quality drop. The person in charge of this definitely did a great job. Now while the cinematography was superb, the delivery of each role was also not found wanting. Starting with the Ugo played by Kunle Remi, he did an amazing job playing the insensitive big brother. The person we must commend is Efa Iwara who played Obi the nerd. From his twitching eye to his stutters, to his attitude he literally ate up this role to the latter. At a point, one might even think he is actually a nerd in real life. The moment the audience gets lost in a character forgetting the real person in real life, that actor has killed it and Efa Iwara killed it, no cap. Lateef Adedimeji (Toni Torpedo) showed us what it means for a character to not utter a word, but still, say a million words with his carriage and gestures. The character of Toni Torpedo was well portrayed in style.

We didn’t expect anything less from late veteran actress Rachel Oniga, she embodied who a true Nigerian mother is and how they act. She forever lives in our hearts. The character of Ajike played by Segilola Ogidan is lovable, no cap. This rising star gave us swag in a local way and we loved it. She depicted the normal girl in her element, we can say she is one the best characters in this movie, thumbs up girl. One person who had us wondering what she was doing was Linda Osifo who played Vera. She is a good actress but she can be better because her delivery was so poor. An Ini Dima-Okojie or a Sharon Ooja would have eaten up this role in ace. But we want to see more of Linda Osifo on our screen, so we know she will definitely get better.

Having a good cast is not enough to make a movie perfect but also having the perfect director. Now speaking of director, Kunle Afolayan definitely deserves the award for director of the year. Because time and time again, he never disappoints. The directing was just beautiful. The way he balanced the popular actors with the rising stars is commendable. Giving the right role to the right actor was seen here. The character of Mrs Bliss would have been downplayed and swallowed by an unknown face, so the fact that Mercy Johnson was selected to play the role, just shows the deep thought and dedication applied to the script and its portrayal. The fact that Mushin was used as the setting was just perfect, it was indeed a Naija Christmas. We must commend the costume and makeup of A Naija Christmas, everything was balanced, that is the word, balance.

The movie A Naija Christmas is the perfect Christmas movie that shows the love and relationship a family should have and what better time to show love than Christmas. This movie gets an 8/10 because come on every aspect of the movie was top notch.

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