Nollywood actor, John Njamah has been away from the movie industry but his name and work wouldn’t be forgotten easily.

John is known for his major role in popular sitcom ‘Fuji House of Commotion’ which enjoyed quite a huge number of viewership due to its entertaining content.

However, the actor who married his Cameroonian wife Agwi Tangi in April 2016 has decided to dish out a relationship advice.

His advice is narrowed to married women and their single friends as he advised that a proper orientation should be given to single ladies by their friends who are already married.

He stated that marriage is no social network platform but a Union and neither are men ATM machines.

In his words: “A call from my heart to all married women with single friends. Tell them the truth about marriages, stop telling them only about the good parts, the car, trips outside the country, the cute kids, rich husband etc. 

Tell them how being a wife/mother is a full time job, tell them about the sleepless nights, the vigils, the uncertainties, the conflicts, etc. above all let them understand it’s not earned nor is it by beauty or brains, neither is it by how good you are in bed. It is only by the grace and grace alone.

Tell them it is achieved only by being on your knees to God and by assuming your roles as wife/mother. Tell them that real homes are built with patience and strength and not by designer clothes and bags.

Husband are not ATM machines, they are our friends and sons and God’s representatives in our homes. Enough of this flash and class about marriage, it’s a union not a social network platform. “

My people, don’t you think his last comment sounds like a shade on Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage scandal? “