Handsome Nollywood actor, Bryan Okwara, within the little time spent in the movie industry has been able to attract large fans to himself. Though, he has not escaped the many controversies that come with stardom but he has come out strong and still counting his blessings.


He is a strong lover of fashion but he is very principled in his dealings and recently, he has disclosed that there are some movie roles he will not like to accept no matter what.

Bryan pointed out that one of the roles is asking him to speak a language of another tribe which he does not know despite being asked to learn it because he will only be making a fool of himself.

“I don’t play characters that are too far away from me. For instance, if you wanted me to play Bryan of another tribe that can speak another language, and I had to learn another language, I would make a fool of myself. I wouldn’t play it,” he told Pulse.