Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, aside being controversial still has that lover boy skills in him which is why he still tries to protect his marriage despite all the short comings.

The actor’s marital home was in the news late 2015, we many rumours spreading about how the actor maltreats his wife and neglect his fatherly roles at home but with various counter claims by the actor, the media only stood to watch how the messy drama unfold which also involved the General overseer of the Household of God Church, Chris Okotie.

While many wonder what what had become of the actor’s marital home, Emeka, was ever ready to insult any media personal who dare ask him about his home and he never for once regret his actions.

He was a guest at popular TVC entertainment programme ‘Entertainment Splash’ where he was asked about his marriage calling his attention to the fact that as a celebrity, he is in the public eye and people will want to know and learn how he has been able to manage his home.

Rather than comport himself, the actor emphatically made it known in the open that his marital challenges is nobody’s business as he still loves his wife. Adding that they have been working things out and will not allow any man come into his house and marry his wife.

In his words about his marriage, “But I love my wife and she is my life. My mother-in-law just dropped from the car.”

Asked if his wife has returned home with him, he said “ it is none of your business if my wife is back, we are working things out and the thing is whatever it is we’ll keep working on things, you keep working issues out, you are not going to give up on something you love. Now you have a chain on your neck and you’re driving down Oshodi and a guy puts his hands through to pick that chain, the first thing you are going to do is to protect your neck. You need to protect your own so no man can walk into a man’s house and say I want to marry your wife.”