I Sing of a Well, the new movie produced by ace actress Akofa asiedu and directed by hollywood documentary filmmaker Leila Djansi wrapped shoot on tuesday in Ghana. Word around town is that this movie will be the best ever from Ghana, once again basking the Ghana film industry in the glory of its past. An elaborate set was constructed for the entire production at Sapeiman in the greater accra region. The movie was shot on a $100,000 budget on the new mini 35mm camera sponsored by clairmont camera in Hollywood CA.

the story is set in the ancient Ghana empire in the days of Mansa Musa, it tells of Soraya and Dume, two young lovers threatened by the arrogant Prince Wenambe who is basking in his new found throne and alliance with Mansa Musa, but is Mansa Musa really his friend or a slave raider himself in disguise and what happened to Dume? and why did Soraya marry Prince Wenambe?

The director was very excited about the enitre production despite the many setbacks on set, she said she loves period pieces and thinks I sing of a Well is her stress relief movie before she launches into the more rigorous work and tasks ahead of her for the Ghana film industry. Asked what Hollywood star she intends to spice the movie with as is her plan, she smiled and said ‘I have no hollywood star in this but I do have the voice of one star as a narrator’. She will not tell who it is though, rumor on the set though is that the narrators voice is that of Danny Glover. We will all know when the movie comes to bare. The movie stars some of Ghanas ace who took a back seat at the state of the industry, Akofa Ejeani, Kofi Middletom Mends, Prince David Osei, Stacy Amoanteng, Doris Sackitey, Luckie Lawson, Godwin Kotey and J.O.T Agyeman as Prince Wenambe.

The movie promises to be a master piece. some funny experiences on the set were the arrival of many filmmakers from Nigeria and Ghana coming to see the equipment and meet the media notorious Leila Djansi.

Denise Boateng for Joy Ocloo and Nigeriafilms.com.

YES!!!!! That is what I am talking about! Finally. I am working on getting more pictures of the production. But from the few I have seen, this promises to be a masterpiece. No, not one of those hyped things that end up as flops, but a true masterpiece.
Photos courtesy Alfred Safo and Denise Boateng

By Joy Della Ocloo for http://www.nigeriafilms.com