Ok o, these days Nollywood is beginning to have lots of handsome male actors and this has helped provide some actresses the opportunity of choosing the male act they like and cling around them.

Well, when you accost them to ask what could be brewing between them you tend to hear “we are just friends,” but that is their private life anyway.

With the rate at which married women now go about chasing single guys to come warm their bed when their husbands can’t satisfy them, one is left with no choice but to wonder what the problem is. Could it be that because of religion which prohibits having fun before marriage that is giving birth to some failed marriages?

For handsome Nollywood actor, Tope Tedela, with good diction and dress sense, one will feel that he has one sugar mummy taking care of him but hey, he knows how to draw a boundary of what he does as he revealed that no married woman has disturbed him for any relationship.

He made this revelation during TVC popular breakfast programme, ‘Your Views’ where he was a guest on the show which was monitored by Nigeriafilms.com.