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Queeneth Hilbert has starred in over 20 movies . She is a breath- taking, beautiful and young Nigerian model who began acting in her teens days and is still in her game. Blessed with a height and colour of an international celeb and model, you cannot miss her in a crowd. In this interview with FLORENCE AMAGIYA, she talks about her unhappy childhood, her acting career and future . Enjoy! How I became a model at a tender age. I started modeling when I was 15 years old and as at 15, I was already very tall for my age! My colleagues on the job would have thought that l was in my 20s already. I was approached by modeling agents to become a model when I was only a child. Eventually, I went for two auditions and here I find myself. How I saw modeling even as a child. I have always loved to model! While I was growing up, l had access to TV programmes and magazines showcasing models. I prayed as a child that I would become one someday and even went to the extent of learning to walk as a model on my own and took photographs of different poses. When it eventually came to reality at age 15, I felt on top of the world. My childhood My childhood wasn’t an easy one. I was very unhappy for two major reasons. First, like I said earlier, l started modeling at 15 and had problems settling down to do school work. I was always on one location or the other. Again, I grew up without a dad. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a dad at all. In fact, I haven’t seen him all my life. So mum was both mum and dad to me. It wasn’t easy for her too. I felt so terrible each time I come across other children with both parents and myself with just mum. To worsen the already bad situation, I am an only child and I had a coloration that was funny to me . I had to learn to cope by being a loner. Tongues wagged so much about me while I was growing up. I am a half cast, part Nigerian and part Lebanese. Why I am adding acting to my portfolio Well, I have added acting to my portfolio and it has been fun all the way. Actually, modeling pays well but you don’t make the name you make when you are an actress. A model may not be so popular, but acting forces popularity on you whether you are ready or not. The viewers do not have another choice but to recognize you as you grow in the profession. The movies I have featured in I have featured in over 20 movies since I started and I am still counting. Most of the movies I have done are not yet out but some are.
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