Fast rising Nollywood actress, Feyisekemi Akinwale, has expressed that in picking the man of her choice, she would not wish to settle with a man she is taller than. Feyisekemi pondering over her decision of not admiring short men, noted that she is just human but if God turns things the other way round, then she will accept it as fate. According to her, “Naturally, I’m just not a fan of people who are short. I’m praying that I don’t get to marry a shorter person than me. That is my wish and prayer but if fate has it that he is not, who am I to say otherwise?” The actress stated that her ideal man should be somebody that is very creative and innovative and not just to have all the money and go clubbing. To further buttress her point, the actress advised spinsters that they should not be deceived by the word love as it will not pay bills or used in making hair. Speaking with Icampus, she said, “My dear, it’s not only love. Don’t be deceived. Love won’t pay the bills on put food on the table. Love won’t fuel the car or make your hair. So, it’s not all about love.” your social media marketing partner