Love is sweet when there are elements of trust, understanding, management, communication and above all, God in the union. Today, many relationships are faced with different challenges, which result into broken hearts. Popular disc jockey, DJ Switch, shared a meme, which she says touched a better part of her heart after she was jilted by her lover, who she gave her heart to. She said, “I just copied this off someone's display picture. Today marks the day I lost someone who was so dear to me. “Lies, betrayal, hurt were the last days of that friendship and even when I thought I could look past it, be around the person, smile with the person, this friend took it to another level by betraying my family's trust and so I write this on here to remind myself that it is done with and to let you, you that reads that there is nothing like family, blood! “It happens to the best of us and to pray for you that you experience goodness and quality friendships wherever you find it.” your social media marketing partner