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Handsome Nollywood dude, Browny Igboegwu, is not the regular name that makes headline as he manages his way through his career without having to stain his name at any point. Mastering his craft so well, the actor’s face has stamped in the eye of many than even his name does due to the kind of tough roles he plays. Married to a lovely Delta woman, the actor claims aside his wife; he values shoes and glass cup more. Browny in a recent interview disclosed that he is very passionate about his glass cups and shoes that if anyone breaks his glass cup, the fellow will have to replace it. He stated that the best way someone can win his heart over is by giving him a glass cup as a gift which has more value to him than any other gift. On what he places more value on aside his wife, the actor explained to Thisday; “I am passionate about my glass cups and my shoes. I love these two things so much. Sincerely, if you break my glass cups you will pay for it. If you give me a glass cup as a gift, you have bought me over. So am crazy about lovely glass cups.”
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