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On Nollywood’s crashed marriages I am actually thinking of my own marriage. For others, I don’t know what their problems are. I feel its compatibility problem. The husband needs to understand that the wife is just an actress and that what she does is just a job. Most of the time, men don’t really understand what their actress wives do, they feel ‘oh, she is doing it so real’. You will find out that some people are saying that Nigerian films are not real, when you now do it real, the mothers of the men that you want to get married to would say, ‘my son would not marry that woman’ but that is professionalism. There should be a level of understanding, just like a doctor sees the bumbum of every woman, sees every thing but does it stop him from being a doctor? No. Does it make him to start sleeping around? No! You married this lady as an actress, you need to understand her job, keep her job out of her life, from her person. She is acting a role. She is depicting a character. Character is quite different from the person. Love life I have the best husband in the world. I met him here in Lagos. My friends were living here, and I usually come to see them. Honestly, I didn’t like him at first, I didn’t like his face. But before I could ‘yab’ him, he has ‘yabbed’ himself first. My husband talks a lot. He pestered me for a long time, and I that just came out from a broken relationship didn’t want to have any relationship again. My husband is a wonderful person and has a good heart. Most of the time, he does the cooking. He goes to the market. Before I come back from church or outing, he has cooked. Who would not want such a wonderful man? He is just homely. He loves my family and likewise I love his family too. Motherhood It is not easy at all. I never knew that this is how it is. Do you know that my children will not allow me to go out? Let me stand up from here and say I want to step out, they would be shouting ‘mummy don’t go, remove your slippers, stay now, I will go with you’. It is not easy especially when my husband is not around. I am like a father, a mother to them and when you don’t give them what they want, they would be screaming. Now, I appreciate my mother for giving birth to seven children and also taking care of us and making sure we all went to school. It is now I know what motherhood really is.
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