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Star actress Rukayat Akinsanya popularly known as Rukky Sanda who recently turned 31 in an interview with Punch addressed rumors that she skin bleached & had a plastic surgery to enhance her physique. On bleaching she said: Again, I am naturally light-skinned so my beauty regimen involves maintaining my skin tone and complexion. I am confident in my own skin and body. I definitely do not need any artificial enhancement of any sort to keep up with any societal expectations. My beauty and skin routine is pretty straightforward; I use a lot of scrub and visit the spa whenever I find the time to. On plastic surgery she said: The truth is that I’ve never undergone plastic surgery of any kind and I have nothing against it or persons who have given it a shot. I have several fitness regimens and I also contour my body. That way, my body has a svelte outline that many mistake for body enhancement. She also revealed she is an introvert, by nature I’m very reserved, contrary to what many people think of me. I am also not outgoing but owing to the nature of my career, I tend to attend quite a number of functions.
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