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John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu is a well known actor in Nollywood and beyond. The comic Thespian can't seem to forget the advise given to him by his mother on her dying bed. Recalling the painful experience of watching his dear mum go to the world beyond, Mr. Ibu said " I was standing watching her leave us; that moment was so tough for me because I love her so much. She left me with a lot of orientation like beating a woman is a sin; and that any man who beats a woman will go to hell. I held on to that word until I got mature and that orientation is still in me and my siblings; I’ve never raised my hands on a woman,' he told Encomium Magazine. On how his wife reacts seeing him kissing and smooching female actors, Ibu said it's really nothing, since his wife is an actress too. "She is an artiste too; if people kiss her, will I kill her? If she kisses, I kiss, so we both kiss.?" Meanwhile, not many of his fans know he has a grown who is married with kids, making Mr. Ibu a grandfather. "My first son is showing interest in acting but I’m trying to push him away though he is insisting he’s going to act. He is married now with two kids, so I am a grandfather. The secret of your looks lies on my happiness. I’m always happy. I believe that you should leave behind whatever problem that is hanging you up; enjoy yourself, and smile with people. Laughter is the solution to lots of problems; enjoy yourself and feel free,?" he added.
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