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Bayo Alawiye,a graduate of Theatre Arts from prestigious University of Ibadan,is the director of the popular music reality show,Project Fame West Africa. He also directs the popular MTN TV game show,Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In a recent interview,he opens up about the rumour making the round that he's currently in a sizzling romance with star actress Laide Bakare. He said;It is not possible.Laide is a married woman and I am a married man.So,we respect one another.Our relationship started way back in school.We went to the same school,University of Ibadan. I was supposed to use her in my first movie but she was not around.When you are in the same school,same department,you know one another.These are the people you will want to use for your job. It’s just that people don’t know where it all started.So,it’s possible for people to think otherwise.There is absolutely nothing like that between myself and Laide Bakare.
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