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My background and career My parents are from Togo, but I was born in Lagos Island. I grew up in Obalende. I still have links with my Togolese family. Most of them are still on the island. My grandparents met and married in Lagos Island. My mum also met my father on the island. I have no intention of going to live in Togo. I love Naija. Though there is no electricity, Naija is my home. Nigeria is the place I have known all my life. I have appeared only in Yoruba movies. I started acting in 2004. I was introduced to a colleague of mine, Iyabo Ojo; she introduced me to Muka Ray. Till date, Muka Ray has been my mentor in the industry. Two movies actually brought me to the limelight. One of them is Wakati Meta. I’m yet to be given a role in any English language film. If I‘m given the opportunity to appear in one, I shall grab it. I have heard some Yoruba actors and actresses say that they avoid English language movies because of ethnic sentiments. But you don’t judge people from a distance. The likes of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Bimbo Akintola have been involved in the production of such movies and they are doing well. I just believe that getting a role in an English language movie depends on who you know. So far, I am satisfied with what I am doing now. Relationship with Iyabo Ojo Iya Ojo introduced me to the movie industry and we had a close relationship for awhile. Now, we are no longer close friends. It is not as if we had a disagreement. There is an adage that says 20 children cannot play together for 20 years. We are no longer as close as we used to be and that is just it. Everybody in the industry is my friend. I am a very free person. I still appear in Iyabo’s movies. I am not in any way envious of her. She got there before me. In fact, we don’t have any problem at all. Taiwo Aromokun Taiwo Aromokun is not my friend and we are not close. It is not as if we are enemies. We do exchange greetings whenever we meet. Anyone you call your friend knows a lot about you, calls you on the phone, at least once a week, to know how you are doing, and cares about you. Taiwo doesn’t fall into that category. I don’t know where the story that we were both having sex with MC Oluomo originated. It is certainly not possible. It is normal for a celebrity to be associated with scandals. Everything in life does not come that easy. There are challenges. But I am not really bothered because rivalry exists in every sector. It is not only in the movie industry. My parents My mother died before I started acting. She wasn’t living with my dad. I grew up with her. She was a single mother. I don’t have any attachment to my father. I know where he is but that father/daughter relationship does not exist. And I am not bothered about that. You care for those who care for you. Growing up with my mother was very challenging and difficult. I will always miss her. She really stood by me all the while. I feel sad that I didn’t do enough for her before she died. My father eventually married another woman. You know the way men behave. For you to be a single mother, it means the father of your child has another wife somewhere that is making him stay away from you. But I don’t feel bad that he has another wife. I am not used to him. I don’t think about him. He is certainly not as close to me as my mother. That was why I almost went mad when she died. We were quite close to each other. Mama Insurance The movie has an all-female cast. I just wanted to do something different. But then, I’m not the first person to ever shoot a movie that features only actresses. A colleague of mine has done it before. Mama Insurance has not been released into the market yet. In the movie, I featured the likes of Ayo Mogaji, Lanre Hassan, Iyabo Ojo, Ronke Ojo, and Doris Simon, among many others. I had to start producing movies in order to churn out stories that would impact positively on people’s lives. I really work hard on my stories. Relationship I’m not ready to talk about my relationship because it is private to me. I don’t have to tell you that I’m dating MC Oluomo or not. My relationship is private to me. I’m in a relationship. I’m not a baby. Marriage If God says I should get married, I will. I am not keen on marriage. What I actually want is to have a child. If marriage comes, I will grab it. But if it doesn’t come, it is okay by me. It is not as if I want to be a single mother. I can live with a man without necessarily being married to him. It is not a big deal. What I want most is to have a child. It supersedes everything and it is my ultimate goal, with or without getting married. I don’t care if I get married to the person I am dating. Marriage is not on my list. I am not going to get married because this person or that person is married. It is not compulsory. In this life, it is not everybody that will be rich. Some people are meant to be poor. It is the same with marriage. Some people get married, yet they are not committed to their marriage. As long as I am happy with myself and happy in my current relationship, then I have no problem. Getting a child is my ultimate goal. I am not saying this because of the kind of upbringing that I had. But when you plan something and it doesn’t come the way you planned it, I think you should just change your mind. I had plans for my life, but it didn't work out the way I planned it. In spite of it, I still thank God. Coping with male fans To say the truth, sometimes we do fall for our male fans. But then, what matters is to be yourself. You have to control yourself. Some of them want to sleep with you. They will come to you and tell you all sorts of lies. By the time they get what they want, they will just abandon you. It is a normal thing. It is just that you have to use your common sense and not fall stupidly for everybody who comes your way. I’m a very normal person. People do disturb me sometimes. They assume that you have more than what you really have. They would think you have so much money and they would be disturbing you and call you up for one help or the other. They don’t really know what you are passing through. They wouldn’t know if you eat or not. Just because you featured in a film, they believe you are rich and you should help them. I just remain myself, whether I am a celebrity or not. I am a very simple person. Disappointments Sometimes people do things to you that you never expected from them. I don’t have to give you examples. But I have learnt my lesson and I have decided to keep to myself. I am on my own. I still mix with my colleagues, but I don’t keep friends anymore. I don’t have a permanent friend or enemy. I have had some experiences and I have learnt from them. Educational background I am a part-time student of the Lagos State University and I am studying marketing. Acting is part time thing to me. If you are a movie actress and you don’t have any other thing doing, you are just killing yourself. I believe that as you are there today, some people will be there tomorrow. You just have to get a back up. This is not a job you wake up every day in the morning and say you are going to work. Aspirations I want to achieve so many things. I want to have my own child. I am not pregnant yet. For some reasons best known to me, I am yet to have my own child.
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