Nollywood actress who is perfecting all acts to put finishing touches to release her much-anticipated movie, Jejere featuring 9ice, has come out to say that Bisi Ibidapo-Obe are sworn enemies and why they don't talk. "Bisi and I are not friends, we are best of enemies, I cannot be stating the reasons on the pages of magazine or online. I don’t have any close friend in the industry. I see them as just my colleagues. Having a close friend in the industry is very dangerous. I don’t envy anybody in the industry. I only appreciate them. I am not envious of anybody, I only appreciate them." As you're reading this, Lolade is in the USA where she has gone to meet her baby and her hubby. This obviously would silent those who are carrying the rumour that the versatile actress' marriage is dissolved. Lolade said on the issue of her marriage "God has helped me to sustain my marriage. My husband and my child live in the US. I live in the US too. I only come home to work. Now that I am done with the job here in Nigeria, I will go home to the US to stay with my family. My husband knows when I am in Nigeria I’m working. Both of us know that this country is where we can make a lot of money. Now that we are young, we have to make as much money as possible. We like to make money in my family. When I am in Nigeria, I work hard and afterwards, return to the US to stay with my family. My husband trusts me. There is no need to get married to someone when there is no trust. It would be difficult. When I got into marriage, I wasn’t even ready for it. But I met somebody I loved and I had to marry him. I don’t regret the step I took." How did you meet your husband, we inquired "We met at the airport. He was going back to the US and I was heading to Taraba State for my primary assignment. NYSC, His immediate younger brother was posted to Taraba as well and we knew each other. I didn’t want to go to the place where I was posted to serve. But my husband spoke to me about it and convinced me to change my mind. your social media marketing partner