Wonder they say never ends as sometimes, we can never predict our so-called celebrities who tend to live a lifestyle that can never be predicted. Today, they will say one thing, the next; they will deny it claiming that such a thing never happened. This uncertainty, leads us to the former winner of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Karen Igho who recently announced that she’s now engaged, but did not reveal the name of the new found love. Recall that penultimate last year; Karen had posted on her social media page that she was chilling at the beach with her husband, now she has displayed an engagement ring claiming that she is now engaged. Karen who is currently in the United Kingdom studying Business Administration and Management at the Newham University, was recently diagnosed of Cancer but was declared free and fit after several chemotherapy sessions. Well, how true is this, only time will tell because we are not sure of what next we will be expecting.
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