Foremost Nigerian disc-jockey, Jimmy Jatt has disclosed that making a decision to delve into his deejay profession was not a mistake as he now earns a living from it. He stated that his profession as a deejay has taken him to many countries and has made him famous and such, does not have any regret venturing into it. With the recent legalizing of same sex union by the United States of America, Jimmy stated that he has no opinion about the way of life anyone wants to live as it is their own choice but noted that he does not mind playing in the club where same sex partners were having fun. According to him, “Honestly, I don’t mind playing in a gay bar or performing in a show filled with gays. It is a free world, you know. Why should I bother about anybody’s sexual preferences or relationships? It’s not my business to bother about what they do with their bodies in private or to themselves.” Defending his choice of decision, Jimmy pointed out that he is a married man and as such he is neither bi-sexual nor [email protected] and would show anyone one that makes such attempt with him. “For me, this is all about business. My job is to provide entertainment and to make people happy. I am neither gay nor bisexual. Everybody knows I am happily married with children. But, if by any means somebody comes to me with any funny intentions, that is when I will make them see the other side of me,” he says,” he told Punch. your social media marketing partner