Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola, for some time now has been the envy of some female folks who continually feel intimidated with her wealth of achievements. Recently, the actress was surprised to find out that a female who is not cool with her, went as far seeking her bank account details from a friend to know the level of her finance. Tayo is known to be in love with spending for herself and does not care about what people say or thinks about her and she continues to savour the wealth behind her career. According to her, “Hahaha girls’ ehnnn, so someone somewhere actually thinks I show off a lot then decided to give herself the task of constantly checking my Gtb account via her friends to know my balance. Haba babe you shouldn't be that dumb. Since you visit my page often, here, step up your game then next time, go for account statement & remember to check other banks too.” your social media marketing partner