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One of Nigeria’s reality TV show’s judge and Afro-beat singer, Dede Mabiaku who has been long seen performed new songs, has hinted that it is not about his career, but about making an impact within the system. Dede stated that many people have tolled his part but are nowhere to be found. He explained that he is not into music for the money but there for the art and to help guide others in the right part. According to him, “Check out those who have come through where I am standing today. In every twist and turn, Dede has been there to support mentally, psychologically, artistically and, most of all, to help guide them through their path properly. I am in the arts for arts sake. There are many people who are in the arts for money sake; I am not. I am a total artist.” Analysing the Nigerian music industry, the singer stated that the industry has evolved overtime but pointed that those with the mentality of making money are making the money and spending it carelessly. “In many ways, I will say yes and in many ways, no. In terms of returns and stipends, those who are in it for money are making money but are spending it carelessly. But when talking about arts and its development, a society needs to realise that what makes your art worth the while is the essence of craftsmanship and musicianship that is imbibed into its system. Nigeria is suffering from dearth of craftsmen in the entire arts sphere. We have very few skilled musicians, because music is no longer in the school curriculum again,” he told tribune.
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