There is no doubt that since the picture of a tattoo of star Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh was posted online some days ago, it has generated lots of controversies both within and outside the country. Many tongues have wagged on the controversial picture. Many different meanings have been read to the piece of photograph. For some, the picture depicts some undertone of the devil, while others see no diabolic meaning to the creature created in the tattoo but just a piece of fashion. For this controversy happy queen of Nollywood, who has grown a thick skin to most abusive writings and comments directed to her, she has finally come out to talk on what the meaning of the creature drawn on her back carries, especially with the kind of heat this particular picture has generated. According to what this daughter of a top Rivers State politician, who once had the ambition of running for a political seat in that state said, “the tattoo took me 10hours to be done with, while I had a two hour break in-between.” Speaking further, when asked if the controversial tattoo had any undertone meaning, she simply answered, “yes, and it is very deep, I am a witch.” Though she was not willing to disclose the exact meaning the tattoo has, but information available at our disposal from a very reliable and impeccable source, who is deep into such doings only confirmed to us that only strong people carry such tattoo on their body. According to the source, “you cannot see any ordinary human being with this kind of tattoo; this is what I know very much about. Though I am not suppose to say this, I know the society she belongs to, but I am not going to tell you that. If she does not take things easy with herself, she might not like the end of it all, that I assure you of.” Tonto has since her 2006 AMBO days seen a very quick rise to fame in the make-believe industry in Nigeria. She is presently in the United States for Damage US tour and she is expected back in Nigeria in some days teso come. click the link below to go to... Has Tonto Dikehs Sold Herself to The Devil? TONTO DIKEH RESPONDS TO CRITICS ON HER NEWEST INKING Check Out Actress TONTO DIKEHS New Tattoo!. I did not tattoo any man’s name on my leg – Tonto Dike I Have 57 Tatoos - Tonto Dikeh STAR ACTRESS,TONTO DIKEH'S PLOY REVEALED. STAR ACTRESS TONTO DIKEH GETS A BIGGER TATOO ON HER BACK IN THE UNITED STATES. © 2011 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher your social media marketing partner