Despite the frequent break up of marriages in Nollywood,Sexy actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and her husband,Captain Matthew are still very much together. But if you asked the celebrated couple, they will tell you that it is not easy keeping a home. The couple have faced so many challenges, but for the duo strong resolve to make it work and the spirit of give and take coupled with God’s grace are some of the things that adduced as their staying power. Omotola and her hubby have been together exactly 16 years today (March 23). Close sources says the celebrity couple marked the special day in grand style. Omotola got married to her pilot husband Captain Matthew Ekeinde on 23rd of March 1996 at the Ikeja Registry and later did her White wedding on board a Dash 7 Aircraft flying Lagos to Benin,on the 21st of April 2001. She is blessed with 4 adorable kids.Princess,M.J,Meriaih and Michael Ekeinde. Happy Married Life Omosexy,may God continue to keep your marriage. In an interview the talented thespian granted years back, she revealed what keeps her marriage going. It’s God. For me when I met him it wasn’t love at first sight. But he said it was love for him. But even then before we got married he told me he prayed about it. According to him he had to submit the names of the girls he was dating then to pastors so they could pray about it to know who is the right girl for him. We are not interested in friends We don’t have friends that influence our lives. We don’t make it a must to hang out with friends. I don’t discus him with friends and the same applies to him. He does not discuss me with anybody even his parent to the best of my knowledge. First and foremost my husband does not read junk. He is a pilot he is like a bird always flying. I don’t think anybody will be so dumb to show my husband a bad publication about me. We don’t dwell on such things. When the pictures of the role that I played in the movie ‘The Prostitutes’ was published. It was one of those make or break times in my career. We talked about it. The talk was actually for me because I was upset and depressed about it. And he was the one that did the consoling. The pictures were splashed in the papers as if I did that scene in the movie. The scandal did not affect us. There are so many things I had told him about me. Anybody writing about it is like behind schedule. And you don’t even have a clue. I have never dated anybody in the industry. I do get love advances and I just enjoy it, I am a girl. I don’t have to be people’s enemies because I am married. Most of these men end up being friends with me. People will always say whatever they want to say If you know that a guy wanted to date me and suddenly we are friends and that means we are going out. That is your problem. If you think we are dating Yes we are, eat your heart out. Yes I do flirt for a while, every girl flirts. I let you know you are just a toy just an amusing thing. I might just enjoy taking your calls but the minute I am irritated I just stop taking your calls. My husband had no problem about my career and would never. Is whatever makes me happy. He supports me a lot. I went back to set after my first child was just one month old, I was on the set of “Day Break”. He goes to the market. I don’t and he doesn’t mind doing that. He is my number one fan. He watches my movies like a critic. The only scene he is not enthusiastic about is the romantic scenes. But I got to do what I have to do. your social media marketing partner