Atlanta - It is an annual awards organized to showcase and recognize the enormous talents of people of the African descent who have made positive and selfless contributions to the betterment of Africans in homeland as well as in the Diaspora. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Hope of Africa Organization - an organization that provide resources to orphans and the underprivileged in West Africa via medical supplies, education scholarship funds, school supplies, etc. The awards drew dignitaries from all over including U.S government officials and our very own Oge was one of the award presenters. Now we are not sure why she was invited ; maybe because she has helped the Africans in diaspora or made a positive contribution to Africa(none that we are aware of) but either way she was looking good, sexy and elegant in a Estella Couture gown(not sure if it was made for her) but she delivered a good number on it Oge has come along way in the entertainment industry and with more than a handful of negative press appearance, this is a good light to see her in. I hope it gets better for her your social media marketing partner