Returnee Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, nee Ekanem who left the make-believe scene for a while to cater for immediate family definitely wants to be heard in the forthcoming election slated to hold in few weeks. Lots of other celebrities have been pouring out their minds via their different social media platforms, airing their views and stands on the election, the beautiful mother of two cute boys, who remains one of Nollywood’s most prominent personalities took to her facebook page to join the campaign for free and fair election. She writes: “We need to move forward this time, not empty promises. Do not be deceived by the petty cash they give you to vote for them. If they love you that much, they would create a stress free life for you. Better education, more equipped hospitals with well trained doctors who are paid; security, employment, constant electricity, and your pensions will be accounted for, etc. Do not fall for their cheap antics of giving you money now, it means nothing to them. We need a president voted by the people, who is also for the people. Nigerians be wise. We need a better country for our growing kids, for our mothers and fathers who gave their all to elevate Nigeria and for yourself who works so hard everyday for a better future. When you vote put your future first. May the best man win. I will vote for the one who will bring discipline to Nigeria, one who will fight corruption without mercy… One who will keep to his words.. I am open to try someone else.. All I want is a good government.” your social media marketing partner