Jenifer Eliogu has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while and has so far paid her dues as her name doesn't need much introduction. The fair and busty actress who has also ventured into music industry, however no longer constant on movie scenes. Based on these, some critics believed she ventured into music and left acting because she felt threatened by the new crop of actresses in the industry. In a recent chat, she reacted to that and as well made a rather shocking revelation of how actresses now pay producers to be in their movies, instead of the other way round. “I am not boasting but my set of actors is the best that Nollywood has ever produced. I am talking about actors from the beginning till late 2000. There are very few new actors that you can say are very good at the craft. In recent times, we do not have seasoned actors. I don’t mean to diss but that is the truth. Every young girl now wants to be an actress once they feel they have good looks and very long hair. The media also help them because once they appear in a movie, they are tagged as star actresses. “We started acting when you had to go for auditions. And when you were auditioning, you had about 200 people auditioning for one role; so they gave you the role based on merits. Between 1996 and 2002, you found yourself going for various auditions before you could even get a movie role. When you went for auditions then, you met your senior colleagues for the same audition and it made you proud when you got the role. You lifted your head high when you read a script during audition and people applauded you. You read in front of about 1000 people and they applauded, not even the judges. When you got this role, you would know that you got them on merit." Continuing, the controversial actress who's marriage has packed up a long time ago added that, “In recent times, nobody goes for audition. A producer takes his pen and paper and writes down who he wants to feature in his movie, including the lead role. I am a seasoned actress just like my contemporaries. We are professionals. Right now, they compete among themselves. I hear that in Asaba and some other places in the east, the girls pay money to be featured in movies. Some of them compromised to be featured in movies and I am supposed to be threatened by such actors? It is impossible,” she told Punch. your social media marketing partner