Veteran Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, has explained why he hardly act too many films nowadays unlike in the past when he was a regular face on the silver screens. He told City People recently that age has limited his acceptance of several movie roles that jostle for his attention. Zack Orji also told the journal how he accepted to be ordained as a man of God in 2012. The actor said when his pastor approached him with the offer, he gladly grabbed it without questioning. “Even before my ordination, I had been receiving invitations from different places to come and minister. So when the offer came from my bishop to ordain me, I didn’t reject it. I took it whole heatedly and I get excited when I have opportunity to speak to people, inspire them and draw them closer to God,” he said. READ ALSO: I FEED 100 PEOPLE WEEKLY—RUKKY SANDA your social media marketing partner