Contrary to most people’s impression, cross-over Nollywood actor, Kelvin Ikeduba, has said that he is not a bad boy. Kelvin, who is currently one of the most sought-after movie personality, particularly in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood, reiterated that there is a difference between his real person and the kind of characters he usually plays in movies. Although the Delta State-born dude testified to the fact that he has played more bad boy role in movies, he swiftly noted that he is not a bad boy. “The Kelvin behind the camera is an easy going guy. But he might be a bad boy if he wants to. May be because of my looks, I have played the bad boy role in virtually all my movies. But that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person,” said Kelvin. When asked if he has been stereotyped, the award-winning actor simply said: “I’m one of the best cross-over actors in the industry. I do more Yoruba films now, but I’m still very relevant in the English sector where I started from. That is how God wants it to be.” your social media marketing partner