We posted the exclusive pictures of the deceitful wedding here last week and she explained that she made it a low key wedding after which she received thousands of congratulatory messages from her fans worldwide .we went further to confirm from her fellow actress and she told us shan didnt invite anyone but decided to keep it to herself and she even changed her status to married when we checked to confirm , According to an online mag, Shan was said to be upset about the news as no one ever contacted her to confirm the story, “Please, I’m not married. What is the meaning of this? Do people want me to get married by force? Can you please ask the people circulating the story where I got married?” Lamenting further, she said “I don’t understand why people will not crosscheck their stories before going to town with such lies. Please, it is just a movie. The person saying I got married just because of the pictures of the movie must be very dumb,” She conclude. But she posted this on her facebook page earlier today. I AM OVERWHELMED AT THE NUMBER OF CONGRATULATORY MESSAGES I GOT FOR THE WEDDING PICTURES ON MY FB PAGE, HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO LET U ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE PRODUCTION PICTURES FROM MY LATEST MOVIE TITTLED 'HEARTBREAK' COMING OUT SOON. FOR THOSE OF U WHO WERE PLANNING TO GIVE ME A WEDDING GIFT, BUY A COPY OF THE MOVIE WHEN IT FINALLY HITS THE MARKET. I LOVE U ALL. HV A SWELL WEEKEND Trying to stay relevant by deceit is not the new formula ,sorry miss . No one is ready to believe anything from this oldone again
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