With great sadness, we have learnt the passing of veteran actor Ashley Nwosu, barely 24 hours after slipping in a coma at a military hospital in Yaba.. The actor suffered from severe liver problems. Our prayers and thoughts are with his family as we extend our heartfelt condolences. Developing.... PROFILE Don't be surprise by a man going by the name "Ashley". This is Nigeria and anything go....Ashley Nwosu has been in Nollywood since the early days. In most movies he often plays the role of Husband, Dad, Pimp or Sugar Daddy. He is one of those actors that doesn't disappoint their fans. Among his many movies includes: Power Brokers My American Nurse (2006) Saviour (2006) (V) Saviour 2 (2006) (V) The Seed 2 (2005) (V) The Seed (2005) (V) Dream Lover (2004) Expensive Game (2004) (V) Expensive Game 2 (2004) (V) Foreign Affairs (2004) (V) Foreign Affairs 2 (2004) (V) Passion of Mind (2004) (V) Passion of Mind 2 (2004) (V) Aristos (2003) (V) Aristos 2 (2003) (V) Blind Love (2003) (V) Ghetto Love (2003) (V) Hand of God (2003) (V) Lagos Babes (2003) (V) Naomi (2003) (V) A Night to Remember (2003) Ofeke (2003) Passion & Pain (2003) (V) Two Bad Boys (2003) (V) Agony of a Mother (2002) Battle Line (2002) (V) Battle Line 2 (2002) (V) Blue Sea (2002) (V) Itohan (2002) (V) Polygamy 2: The Final Clash (2002) Power of Love (2002) (V) .... Mr. Gideon Power of Love 2 (2002) (V) .... Chris Dad Take Me to Maama (2002) (V) Outkast (2001) Prisoner of Love (1999) (V Click the link below to go to ... Actor Ashley Nwosu in Coma!
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