You might have seen the last of popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, in skimpy body-hugging and scanty apparels. As it is, her fans might have enjoyed the last taste of her luscious body as the Kogi State born actress, preparatory to her August wedding, has had a turn-around as far as dressing is concerned. She told her audience in a recent interview “ you can see me now, I’m all covered up, “she says. “I’ve started doing that, if you watch my recent movies, I’ve cut down on a lot of things. The normal Mercy Johnson will go all out as a single girl;I’ll not do that now and I’ve started since last year by cutting down on dressing,acting,all of them; you can dress like this(examining herself) and show nothing.” The top flight Nollywood act has told the world that she would be getting married in August and that this time, it’s for real. your social media marketing partner