There are fresh facts emerging about the real person the estranged husband of the deceased thespian, Bisi Komolafe is. One of Bisi's brothers has called him a pathological liar, thief and a smooth operator. Responding to an interview he granted where Oluomotunde Ijaduola was said to have made some false and derogatory accusations to her family, the brother said, "Bisi’s life was smooth until she met Mr. Ijaduola, he is a big liar,very smooth operator. Our sister loved him and didn't read between the lines of the danger this man posed to her life. He claimed that he rented the Ikorodu house, that is one of his lies. Please go to ikorodu i will give you the numbers of the Landlady she will tell you how Bisi Laboured to pay for the house. Before they met, Bisi already had two cars and was building her house in Ibadan." He also explained that, "Since they met the house project has been on total hold because Bisi was spending her hard earned fortune of him; the last time he traveled to Canada, Bisi gave him N200,000 and there were too many complications in his life. Bisi could not stay with him in his Epe home because his wife went to fight her and Bisi had to ran for her life. All through Bisi sickness she was the one paying for her treatment. Bisi took 40 pints of blood, Mr ijaduola only paid for one and till I speak, he is owning Bisi's grandmother 20,000 and Bisi's dad 50,000,what sort of a man is that? Finally, our sister was never married to him and so he should stop calling Bisi Mrs Ijaduola, he only proposed to her. They were never engaged and even parlour engagement they didn't do. We quarreled with him because Mr ijaduola is highly diabolic in nature and all through Bisi's sickness he was always bringing different black substances for her to drink and we said no, we are Catholic and we do not believe in such. That was why he picked quarrel with us. On the issue of Bisi's cars, immediately Bisi got admitted he started driving her cars around and whenever he came to see her at the hospital, he would hide the car somewhere and trekked to the hospital. How does that sound? Mr ijaduola says he is a car dealer, car dealer indeed ! Someone who uses a 2000 model Ford! This is our last take on this guy, we leave him to God," said the brother. Hmmm, you've heard it all! © 2013 Click the link below to go to... Boyfriend Of Late Nollywood Actress Bisi Komolafe finally Opens Up EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: IBADAN STOOD STILL FOR LATE ACTRESS BISI KOMOLAFE How Nollywood actress, Bisi Komolafe, died in Ibadan •Her last moments with sister, aunt, close friends Breaking News: Nollywood Actress, Bisi Komolafe Dies PICTURES: THE UNTOLD STORY ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MOVIE STAR BISI KOMOLAFE Family Releases Bisi Komolafe's Burial Plan To NigeriaFilms.Com PHOTOS: Yoruba movie actors gather at Bisi Komolafe’s funeral ceremony ANTP United For Bisi Komolafe's Burial Today your social media marketing partner