As the week starts, it ought to be starting with mediation and new expectations. And Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke Linus has a message for ladies to mediate on this time , she says “Don’t Be a woman that needs a man Be A woman a man needs” The Popular and Happily married actress, Stephanie Linus shared some vital tips with single ladies on her blog a while ago. Enjoy…. Hi ladies : The words in the picture below mean a lot and I think it’s something we should all take seriously Many times as women, we tend to feel incomplete without a man by our side and would go to great lengths to ensure we don’t remain “single”. I know that feeling. But it’s also important we do not express our vulnerability or sound too desperate that we forget to build ourselves up as individuals. Sometimes, we give up our lives, our careers, our dreams for the desires of a man and leave our own self worth and fulfillment aside. I am not trying to undermine the importance of men in our lives. Our husbands, our partners, our relationships are very important and sacrifices can, and should be made sometimes. However, I’d just like to remind us today not to forget who we really are. I know its hard, especially for women who have reached a certain age, to feel incomplete without a man in their lives. But please, do not lose track of your dreams. When you build yourself and you are proud of the person you are, you will naturally attract good men who would be inspired by your success and treat you with love and respect. I do hope this inspires someone today. Have a great day! your social media marketing partner