Some days ago, Chika Ike and her manager, Sarah Donald were in the news for having a vacation in Dubai. They reportedly spent millions of Naira for the trip and also shared pictured from the vacation on the internet, which attracted criticisms. One of those who criticised the action was controversial filmmaker, Charles Novia. In his words, Charles said, ‘These so-called celebs just set me off! Look, my friend, as with many of those in the society from which our Nigerian celebrities come from, these guys suffer from a deep-rooted poverty mentality which even their doubtful educational exploits cannot mask. ‘Why do you say so? ‘Let me give an example with that Chika Ike. She is an actress or something? Yeah? How is it that she sorts of ensures that the whole Nigeria must know that she paid $24,000 for a two-day yacht ride in the Middle East? Isn’t that some sort of dysfunction of her faculties? ‘But I read that it was her Personal Assistant who wrote effusively on her personal page that Chika paid that amount and took her, the PA or friend, along for the ride. ‘It all boils down to my point. And by the way, that picture I saw of the yacht is suspect. The damned thing looked like a cruise boat which the obtuse PA might have mistaken for a yacht though. Anyway, my point is, in this clime we live in, our so-called celebrities, coming from a background of social, material and emotional deprivation just have to FORCE the public to know that they have arrived. So, a boat trip, a helicopter ride, a breakfast in a 3 star hotel lobby and a personal scratch on the ass must make the news at all costs.’ But the actress’ manager has not found those words funny and has lashed out at the filmmaker, who is well known for criticising celebrities. Serah described Charles as a ‘wretched sad old man.’ Serah wrote, “Ah hh Charles Novia. Why the beef? I understand your pains that after years spent in the industry you have nothing to show for it and have resorted to getting fame with celebrities names. Oh well! Let me grant you the audience of having your fifteen minutes fame as usual. Trying to resurrect your dead career by trying to be a critic or will I say a hater. “Before you hate why not at least do a proper research. First you called a yatch, a cruise boat. I laughed at first but I understand that you have not experienced the luxury of being in a Yatch to know the difference between a boat and a Yatch. You called Jumirah beach hotel a 3 star hotel? My guy I forgive your ignorance, how will you know the difference when you have not even been in a two star hotel how much more a five star hotel. “You call me Chika Ike’s personal Assistant, that really got me laughing hard because I know that you know I am her manager and her publicist a position you will give your life to attain at leas to make some money for yourself and take expense paid trips vacation. I remember clearly that you met me in California when you came for Nollywood convention and I was in a film school one you won’t even be able to afford even if you worked for years but then again I forgive your ignorance as I deeply feel your pains. Dealing with a dead career is not really an easy one. “But one advice focus on resurrecting your career and going back to being a movie director rather than living your life hating on celebrities who has made it. It’s obvious your beef doesn’t pay your bills and you will die a wretched sad old man who will be remembered for hating on celebrities. Like the famous saying goes. Have you ever seen a statue erected in honour of a critic? No! “Chika Ike is one of the biggest Nigerian celebrities we have, a U.N ambassador, Bullet energy drink ambassador. Refugee ambassador for displaced person just to mention a few. An extremely hardworking one as such and very charitable. I am sure you are aware of how many lives she has changed with her Chika Ike foundation. Chika Ike is blessed and no man can take that away. She is 28 and successful and she’s sure going to live her life to the fullest so feel free to feed your eyes with more Instagram pictures if it pains you then go work harder and be celebrated. Peace out!” your social media marketing partner