Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade, sure cannot escape the axe of some fans who believe that she made a mistake by reporting Nigerian government to the international world. The actress, recently complained about the silence of both the Federal and Lagos state government over the sudden death of a 300 level University of Lagos student, who was recently electrocuted after an High tension cable fell on her. Aside just airing her view of the issue, the actress had also copied the Cable News Network (CNN) and Times Magazine on the issue which some fans believes she just brought shame to her country by disgracing her to the outside world who also have their bad image which they don’t share. READ: OMOTOLA BLASTS BUHARI, AMBODE OVER DEATH OF ELECTROCUTED UNILAG STUDENT (VICTIM PHOTO) Omotola, seeing some of the opinion on the issue explained that small minds cannot understand things around. “Small minds can’t comprehend.” dorcas88n: Realomosexy you're rather the one with small mind, how can you for Christ's sake cc international bodies in a bid to air your views in your own country? geez grow up please mama. hafsohsugar: Realomosexy, you can as well block me! If you need to delete more comments, kindly ask Linda ikeji to do so on her blog. I was still respectful considering how you ridiculed your president just because you feel been heard. iambravo: Realomosexy how do you expect people to understand you when you expect PMB to be making statement on every dead persons your social media marketing partner