She got married to her husband on 8th of June, 2002, though, the estranged husband, Dare, an international car dealer has confessed that he couldn’t not figure out how he got to the venue of the wedding, he just found out that he was at a certain registry in Ejigbo an outskirt of Lagos State where Lola, the producer and actress dragged him to sign the dotted lines. “I just woke up that morning and found myself in a wedding ceremony with her. I was reluctant initially but I became so helpless and weak to the extent that I couldn’t go contrary to her command. Since then, I have been in her web. None of my family was there, I can remember that she got some of her friends, she signed for me and one Nollywood/Yoruba director called Olu signed for her.” Dare, the husband revealed. When he was asked why he abandoned Lola, his wife for three years. Hear him “I was taking care of her and the baby, I rented an apartment she lives with her family members for her. Besides, I bought her a Honda car and a Jeep; she gets N80, 000 as monthly allowance from me and all that. When I met her, we didn’t talk about me relocating home and she wanted that to happen. She took me to all sort of herbalists with the ideal of helping my business flourish but I never knew I was digging my grave. She’s fetish, she has all sort of incisions (gbere) all over her waist; you can’t see it unless you look so closely. So, all that happened to me during that time started dawning on me last year; when I realised this I would call her and she would ignore my calls, on few occasions that she picked my calls she would give an excuse that she was on location” Wonders, they say, shall never cease, this is the expose coming out from the husband of this highly controversial actress, Lola Alao whose intention to be remarried to another international bizman was thwarted when the rumor of bigamy trailed her and the purported wedding was postponed. The marriage between the producer of Orule, Tete and Ibere Alako produced a baby girl, Omowunmi, the six year-old baby, is already dragged in their marriage mess as Dare, the father has said not to be sure of her paternity. “With this new development, I’m asking for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity. You know, we had barely met when she told me she was pregnant then and I had my reservations but somehow I put it behind me but with this development it’s just proper for me to be double sure of the baby’s paternity, so I am going for a DNA. Even when we were together, people often hint me about her illicit sexual moves but she was always convincing me, making me to reason with her, you how it’s with women like that and I would just give up.”….story continues, we are coming with the concluding part of how she owes two society women some millions and how Lola has been rolling in the hay with a certain Gbenga in Ikeja whose mother is one of the best hands in culinary aspect. It’s explosive -Micko Hay for your social media marketing partner