Lola Omotayo, the heartthrob of Peter Okoye, one half of the P-Square music stars, tells BAYO ADETU on how her relationship with the musician started and her plan of being an actress Many people got to know you when your relationship with Peter Okoye started. Who really is Lola Omotayo? Simply put, what you see is what you get. I can’t really define who I am per se, but I’m humble, caring, loving and a professional in the oil and gas profession. I take my work and family very seriously because they are very important to me, my family in particular. Can you summarise the journey of Lola Omotayo from a little child to who she is now? The journey has been a very interesting one. My Dad is a Nigerian and my mother is a Russian. I was brought up in a household where both cultures are very important to my family. From my mother’s angle, she imbedded her own culture on us as well. She insisted that we speak Russia at home, and we speak Yoruba at home as well, so I got the best of both languages. I worked for an advertising company called FKG2 and spent about five years there. We did a lot of things and it was interesting, that was where I met Peter actually. I was still in the company when I gave birth to my son, but because the job was so demanding, I travel a lot and all that, I opted to work in my father’s company, Nosco Oil & Gas, so that I can have time to take care of my baby. I joined as an executive director in order to bring fresh ideas to the company. Your heartthrob, Peter is quite successful, but you seem not to depend on his wealth. What’s your driving force? I believe that as a lady, you have to support your partner. You can’t put everything on your partner; it is important to add value as well. Even though I’m not bringing as much as he brings to the table, at least, I’m adding value and making things a lot easier. Honestly, that’s the way I was brought up; I can’t rely on someone for everything. I have to be independent. I should be able to buy something for my kids without asking their father for money. I feel good as a person knowing that I can do things for myself, not that I want to feel above him in anyway, but I just feel it is important for me to add some value to his life as much as he adds to mine. your social media marketing partner