Marriage in Africa, especially in Nigeria, is one institution that is regarded as something one must go into and it is a sign of responsibility. It is common for parents to start getting worried when their children of marriageable age are still single. Parents however, put little pressure on men until they reach the age of 40, but that is not the case with women, who are put under intense pressure if they are still single at 30. At that stage, their mothers would go about seeking spiritual help for their daughters so that she could settle down in time. Despite this, it is surprising that most Nigerian female celebrities don’t get married in time. In some instances, they cross age 30 before settling down with men they could call their own. The reason is not far-fetched; most men are scared of approaching these women because of their celebrity status. While some men get intimidated by their status, others cannot just stand the numerous negative stories, especially sex scandals, written about them. The likes of Tiwa Savage, Funke Akindele, just to mention, were above 30 years of age before they got married, while the likes of Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji and others, who are also above 30 years of age, are still single. Sultry Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar is another person that has reached marriageable age and has not settled down with a man. Some of her fans have wondered why she has not yet picked a man she would live with for the rest of her life. Speaking in a recent interview, the Kogi State-born make-believe star disclosed that her parents are not putting any pressure on her to get married, and that no one could put her under any pressure to go into marriage. According to the lady, who is also a farmer, “I don’t know why people always seem to be putting pressure on others to get married. When the marriage doesn’t work out, they will be the first to criticize you. My parents are not pressurising me to get married; my family is not pressurising me to get married either. So, I don’t see why I should let anyone pressurise me into marriage.” © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Uche Ogbodo Disgraced On Set Over Costumes; Blasts Costumier [EXCLUSIVE] Movie Stars; Rita Dominic, Yvonne Nelson Rock LV Bags Sikiratu Sindodo Joins ini Edo To Buy N47,000 Fake Chanel Lego Bag Susan Peters Question Agagu's Death Plane Crash: Star Actress, Stephanie Okereke Sends Her Condolences Stella Oduah @ War With Official for Leaking Armored Car Story your social media marketing partner